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Scopri come guadagnare happy-coin, risparmiare i tuoi soldi e passare ad un economia equilibrata e vincente. Noi di gratisforgratis puntiamo alla felicità e non all'accumulare oggetti

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Share your platform announcements on Facebook and earn virtual credits for each publication! Furthermore, sharing will allow you to exchange objects and skills with your friends and find everything you need near you. A quick and easy way to get rewards!

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Post items for sale

Sell things you no longer use or have never used, promote a new business or clear your inventory of unsold items. Stop keeping overcrowded cellars, try to count how many goods you have at home and have NEVER used in a year, get rid of them immediately and earn credits quickly

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Share your skills

Derive from a hobby or your profession, use it however you choose, whether to help others or simply to make alternative income

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Report if you find any bugs on our site

After a certain percentage of similar reports, bonuses will be credited from the platform, moreover for every error triggered by the site, there will be a free happy-coin

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Leave us a review on your buying and selling

For your contribution to the management of our platform you will always receive a reward and a thank you

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Post complete ads with all the data

Be sure to include the optional data when publishing the sale of a good or service and you will receive a reward

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