How does the e-commerce of happiness work?

E-commerce where you can exchange goods and services, without using real money but a virtual currency that you earn based on what you give and based on the time you can share on this new virtual experience

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Earn happy-coins

  • BY TAKING ACTIONS register, log in daily, share on social media, post ads
  • BY TRADING offer useless things or your own skills, receive experiences, products or services
  • BY PROVIDING SUPPORT leave feedback, report bugs or suggestions
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Functions for the community

  • Quick registration by entering only an email and a password
  • Shipping you can exchange items in person or by shipping them
  • Chat you will be able to message with sellers before or after purchase
  • Suggest trades you will be notified of the ads you are interested in and can buy
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You may choose to register and trade with others in total anonymity.

We are not interested in tracking who you are, only in giving you a unique and alternative experience.

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Circular Economy

We not only believe in a second-hand economy but also a circular economy, where something you no longer need might serve someone else and where you are no longer just a consumer but a person who aims to achieve a quality and balanced economy.