A complementary economic system that helps people obtain all the goods or services they want without limits


Building a system where people can live in complete happiness.


This is a system called 'happy', a circular economy in which the instrument for evaluating exchanges is happiness and in which the goal is not quantity but quality. Login

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We have seen in the course of this century that in order for mankind to continue to improve its well-being, it needs an economic system that is in line with its environment and with rules that point towards fair and proportional social and economic development. The current system is not sustainable, as it does not take into account the balances that nature needs to maintain a suitable environment for all living beings. In fact, it boasts the result that 1% of the population holds 99% of the world's wealth and also boasts the result that our primary resources (such as water, air, land..) have been severely and almost irreversibly polluted. The situation is not acceptable to anyone with half a brain or simply common sense. We are therefore asking everyone to participate in our project, to rebel and enact a social and environmental revolution.

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